Post-production Well Underway

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TT meeting 7.6.13

Elizabeth, Dan, and Wesley meet to work on the story of Tohoku Tomo.

Post-production for Tohoku Tomo is well underway and this past Sunday some of the group met to discuss the film. Elizabeth, Dan, and Wesley met for coffee and talked out the plan for July and how to get everything to our editor, Brent, by the end of the month. We have combed through 30+ hours of footage and are finishing up transcribing the interviews. From there, we will piece together the story and organize it into a storyboard, which we will then send to Brent along with all of the data.

In other news, the surveys have been sent to all of our Kickstarter Backers and we will begin shipping the rewards soon.  Thank you to all of the backers who have made this project possible!






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